01. welcome

Twit Coin is Digital Cash
You can tip friends
with on Twitter!

Tip a Twit for their Tweet! Have you ever liked a tweet so much, that a simple ❤️ or retweet wasn’t enough? Now you can tip the creator for their creativity with Twit!

02. Twitter Tipping Bot

Our Bot is Easy as 1..2..3!


Log into Twitter @Twit_tip_Bot help For bot instructions.


Load the Tip Bot with Twit @Twit_Tip_Bot address for your deposit address.


Once your balance confirms Tip a Twit for their Tweet! @Twit_Tip_Bot tip (Name) (Amount)

Earn Twit Coin

Earn Twit by tweeting Fun/Creative Content $Twit / #Twit to get our attention!
03. Evolution of Social Media

Content Creators Dream

We want digital currencies to be so easy to use your Grandma would use them. Twit Coin has simple to use tipping bots that make it easy for content creators of all walks of life to earn a tip off their creativity.

04. Roadmap

Brief History on Twit Coin

At Twit Coin we have one focus - creating a fun and interactive way to tip content creators on social media platforms with a primary focus on the Twitter Platform.

The idea of Twit Coin is created.
October 2017
Development starts on ERC-20 Version of Twit.
November 2017
Twit Coin switches from ERC-20 to it's own blockchain.
January 2018
First official Twit Tip is made, via Twitter Tipping Bot.
October 2019
Official Release of Twit Coin
New Social Media Tipping Bots
05. Exchanges

Buy - Sell - Trade

Twit Coin is rapidly gaining popularity among the Twitter crypto community. We are looking for exchanges to adopt Twit Coin. There is much more to come, Stay tuned.

09. Miner

Compatible Miner

You can mine TWIT with GPU miners (Not recommended), Scrypt ASICs or Renting Hash with NiceHash or MiningRigRentals.

Mining Rig RentalsRent Hash NowNiceHashRent Hash NowGPU minersNot Recommended


Twit Coin Wallet Address


Bitcoin Wallet Address